BodyParkour: The Cube


Sooo, ladies & gentleman’s BodyParkour / The Cube is back 😉 for adult’s week4 ImPulsTanz 2018! PS: some spots still available 😮 hurry up & and see you on Monday at Studio F. 11:40 😎


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Our body and the scaffold CUBE is the ultimate obstacle for dance, Parkour and for functional fitness.
“The idea was born eight years ago when I was working on my first supported full-length evening performance in Austria. The piece was about Parkour and Freerunning. In this piece, we used a system scaffold, which is a kind of tool that Traceurs (Parkour sports people) use typically in open air spaces. The shape we built was a cube and it was quite a challenge to assemble. We had to learn how to do that during the process. It turned out just to hold and construct this cube we needed power, coordination, and collaboration with each other, a networking to be able to build it together. Each element is made of iron and therefore has quite some weight so we played with these elements, finding functional movements like balancing, jumping, crawling, sliding, spinning with and around the scaffold. The movements and patterns we found are beyond Parkour and dance. This simple tool offers full body awareness and strength.”

Let’s get back to our nature, to our animal locomotion and babyhood movements, back to our childhood roots and experiences! Let’s discover the magic of spirals, natural, fluid and easy acrobatic locomotion, get inspired and eventually get healthier and happier on earth 😉
This class is for all levels.

Please bring comfortable simple sports shoes, possible with a flat sole, supporting the barefoot feeling but still protecting your feet. Week #4 for adults 

Week #1 for youngsters



Vienna/ImPulsTanz/ 2016


Vienna / ImPulsTanz #32

Bozen / Italy

Contemporary Dance

Monday 18:30 – 20:00

Dancing Capoeira & Easy Acrobatics

CONdance AUSBILDUNG für Tanz

KIDS & Youngsters

flyer copyBodyParkour (flat-land) up coming WORKSHOP for youngsters  / ImPulsTanz#31 – August 2014 (12-15 Jährige) Week3   /   90 min. BodyParkour ist eine urbane Kunstform bestehend aus Parkour, Tricking, Breakdance, Capoeira und zeitgenössischem Tanz. Wir lernen kurze Tanz-, Stunt- und Akrobatik-Passagen inspiriert vom Comic-Action-Hero Jacky Chan.

edit300.web WORKSHOP 2013 at ImPulsTanz Vienna & TanzFabrik Berlin Berlin video demo 

ImPulsTanz 16-20 of July 2012

Master Class at Österreich Tanzt 2012 6th of June


School WS: Home Parkour the bird scene


ImPulsTanz 1-5 of August 2011 TQW / Vienna 6-18 of June 2011

Deltebre Dansa /Spain, 27 of june – 1 of July 2011

Dancing Capoeira regular class  web:

                  foto: fritz pein / ImPulsTanz 2009 Dancing Capoeira Workshop  web: – Audition option for the Bodyparkour project flo at TANZ*HOTEL Zirkusgasse 35 Every Thursday from 18.00 H Casting & Networking Bodyparkour experts: Company Two in One / Akos & Mimi looking for contemporary dancers with good contact partnering skills & non-dancers with Parkour, Tricking-acrobatic, b-boy-ing skills, sport background, beat-box knowledge are well come, for their up-coming project called BODYPARKOUR! Candidate need to participate their regular workshops at TANZ*HOTEL studio space For more information please contact: write to

  1. Sherin Hozaien says:

    Freue mich über News. Würde gerne einmal eine Performance von Euch sehen. Danke!

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