INSEL / Creation 2021 / Premier Dschungel Wien 11 January 2021

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On tour:

BIDF 06.07.- 09.06. 2019 / Korea, Busan

TanzHafen Festival, 4.May 2019 / Linz, Lentos Museum / 15:00

When you fall I will be there: ground / Dschungel Wien / 28 + 29 September 2018 / 19:00

After the premiere at F23 Wir Fabriken, the in-door black-box version at Dschungel Wien 28 + 29 09. 2018:

2 show, 2 full house, amazing…
now we need some luck to able to show in other great venues this epic but energetic performance… by the way the special effect worked very well 😉 on Sat. during the last (?) show in Vienna … (well we will see IF )… For those who were not able to be there at Dschungel Wien I made such documentation 😉 and when I/you see this photos – I think Not an exaggeration that my fabulous cast of artists run thru the whole human history and touch the present and our future prediction on earth…

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Ticket reservation 12€ V.v.

when u fall.jpgwhen u fall 2.jpg


when you fall


Dancers, B-boys & B-girls, Trickers & Freerunners! The time has come!
We started to prepare our next, exciting, new project!

We looking for interested talented, skilled and nevertheless motivated performers 😉 yeah
check out for details:

The Akos Hargitay / COMPANY TWO IN ONE / Vienna is looking for their new creation of 2018 titled “When you fall I always be there: ground” a female/male dancer and/or circus (floor)acrobats with strong acrobatic experience who is highly physical, versatile and willing to work in a collaborative manner. Strong contemporary and partnering/contact and improvisation technique required.

The COMPANY is also looking for a female/male break dancer with a high level of acrobatic and power moves skills, very welcome as well us freerunners and/or trickers with fluid acrobatic skills who is highly physical, versatile and willing to work in a collaborative manner.

Dancers/circus acrobats/free runners/trickers who are living in Vienna/Austria or interested dancers who presented at ImPulsTanz Vienna 2017, encouraged to take Akos Hargitay’s workshop on the week#2

Dancers/Performers from all ethnic backgrounds encouraged to submit

Where: danceARTS, Rennweg 79/81, 1030 Wien, ImPulsTanz Vienna

When: Initial auditions taking place on 17:00 till 19:00, Sunday 23rd July 2017 with call-backs/research workshop in approx 2018 mid-January…

The project: Expected length of run three months (in parts, last period 4 weeks in a row) including the research-rehearsal period and the performances. The Project running from with rehearsals beginning approx May 2018 / location in Vienna.

Supported by the city of Vienna art council, collaborative partner is ImPulsTanz

Deadline for applications: Sunday 23rd July 2017

To apply, please send a photo, biography, and showreel directly to by 2 pm on Sunday 23rd July




URBAN STREET LINES /coproduction with TTW Ludwigsburg (D)





New creation BREAK-OUT Crossover Mix aus Breakdance und Contemporary Dance Neuinszeniert Wiederaufnahme, 3 Tänzerinnen und 1 Musiker.

20:30 / 26-27. May 2016, Breitenfurterstrasse 176 / 1230 Wien / Lageplan F23 wir.fabriken / Webpage

Break.Out cast / crew: Tanz & Choreographie: CAT – Paz Katrina Jimenez (A/PH), Miklós Szabó (HU), Ákos Hargitay (A/HU), Musik: GAMMON (A), Ligth & raum Veronika Mayerböck (A), Ákos Hargitay Inszenierung: Ákos Hargitay 

Hiermit laden wir euch herzlich zu unserer neuinszenierten Wiederaufnahme von Break.Out in die phänomenale industrielle Architektur des F23 ein!
Zu sehen sind wieder die großartige Tänzerin CAT, neu dazu gestoßen ist Mikey, der 100%ige BBoy und zu hören ist diesmal Gammon mit seinem prepared drum set live – sicherlich ein Erlebnis für Augen und Ohren! Um euch die Anfahrt schmackhaft zu machen, gibt es mit jedem verkauften Ticket à 15,- EUR  Zutritt zu unserem Snackbuffet.

Support/Ticket reservation:

b_MG_5966NEW Crew member in the show –

a real bboy aka. Mikey (Hu)

CLICK: Break.Out Teaser from the rehearsal


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Break.Out / Archive 2015

Performances / Gastspiel


  • premiere 2. & 3. JULI / 2015 / 20:00 / mo.ë
  • TanzHafen Festival 2015 / Linz / 16.10. 19.00 / Tabakfabrik


  • Italy / Bozen Dancefestival 12 & 15 July 2015
  • MQ Vienna – in collaboration with Dscungel Wien 16 September / 2015


3 dancers and 1 musician would like to BREAK OUT and explore with their Body and Music «COMPETITION vs COLLABORATION» Delivering a smart powerful performance with Breakdance vs Contemporary Dance crossover

postcard image.1.web


WE ARE excited to announce the launch of our Wemakeit Crowdfund Campaign to make possible the world premiere performances of BREAK OUT in Vienna in the end of June, early July 2015, and the Austrian premiere later on  in 2015/2016 theater season
We have been planing this project since 2014 and are thrilled to be finally carry out & sharing it with the world.
However, we need to raise an additional 3,000 Euro* to help cover expenses, which include collaborator fees, studio rental, set materials and construction, lighting and equipment rental, domestic travel and documentation. (*we reach already 22% of our funding goal;-))

Your support will not only make one engagement possible, but two or more!

Any contribution from 10 Euro  to Euro 1490 is greatly appreciated!
There are special rewards for those who donate!
Thanks in advance for your support and we hope to see you at one of the shows.

How you can support?

It’s easy! Support us with any small or bigger amount. We will be very happy for your support 😉 and honouring you with our presents. If you love our presents you even can buy more units 😉
You can support to share Our Crowfund Campaign with your friends
…to be successful we need to reach only 3000 Euro 😉
The campaign just started 😉 but please do not miss to show unity to the world – and to our Talented BREAK OUT TEAM:
You shall be part of our Break Out!
Up-coming shows:
Contemporary dance
Monday 18:30 – 20:00
KIDS & Youngsters
Dancing Capoeira & Easy Acrobatics
www.dancingcapoeira.wordpress.comCONdance AUSBILDUNG für Tanz


.-)  ——————————————



2013 in preparation: Monkey Business


CLIK here for upcoming shows in Vienna 2012

25,26,27, 01. 2012: HOME PARKOUR

Home Parkour rehearsal at Gammon’s studio:

Home Parkour rehearsal with Seo Youn and Seung Hyun © andy walahol

Home Parkour research at WUK

Home Parkour research with Ellen & Eos © andy walahol

2011 Workshops


We had great success at both at Dschungel Wien & Festspielhaus St. Pölten’s ‘ Österreich Tanzt ‘ festival

LAST show: 23 June 19:00 Dschungel Wien


We had great success in Seekirchen/Kunstbox & Salzburg/ SEAD

Karla & Bernard in actionthe crew in action at seekirchen / kunstboxthe bird scenesparkling upBernard in actionBernard in action 2Heidi in actionRomeo & Julia

Bodyparkour & Freerunning, Salzburg & around at KunstBox11./12 of September 2009.

Bodyparkour in Concert,  14-20 of September 2009 , residency & results performance at SEAD / showing & discussion on 20th of September at 20.00

The first open Bodyparkour workshop at ImpulsTanz

ImPulsTanz Bodypk workshopJacky Chan


Hallo, Hallo,

I keep still open the door for you to be part of the experiment, all u need to do is to call me & attend in the reharsals!

Otherwise see u in CAM some time!

Lg Akos

Research week


I’ll contact you individually soon, – as specially those was attend

in the research week!

best Akos

Thank you for everybody who payed us a visit last week at the studio!

I’ll keep you posted about the development of the project: Best Akos



RESEARCH WEEK IN VIENNA 16th March -20th March

Location I.: Kabinet & Co. 1210 Wien, Siegfriedgasse 23

Location II: Cirkus Kaos – 1210 Wien, Louis-Häfliger-Gasse 10, Interxion Objekt 50

For more information please contact:

Akos 0699-11397727 or write to


  1. ivan says:

    hey akos! its me ivan where is that exactly? and when? =)

    i will coming or sure! best: ivan

  2. ivan says:

    can i take along my weapons?

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