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The focus of an exchange with other artists lies on performers that are already connected to forms of extreme sports, parkour and even contemporary circus as well as to the breakdance and hip-hop scene.

Thales & Karla

We are interested in building up some strong dynamic partner work with theatrical and improvisational elements. We would like to exchange ideas with local visual artists and stage designers on how to create a new exciting performance environment which can be used to jump, slide and roll on with the whole body surface. Live music, experimental beat-box and the performer’s steps creating the rhythm/music for the performance.


In the studio we research the movement vocabulary, look at the physical roots for mistakes (such as jumps, falling, rolling, sliding..) and transform this into a contemporary dance language, also adding partner work, contact dance, improvisation, intensive floor work and contemporary theatre and break-dance, capoeira & tricking elements. The free fall and the play with gravity is the main focus when we are in the work process with extreme sports experts, break-dancers, freestyle/tricking acrobats and contemporary dancers.


During the research process, movement analysis and working on details happen in the studio. This enables us to study physical and compositional components in a so-called ‘safe environment’. The created dance material is then taken to urban environments & extreme sports sites and theater environments.

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